CCM Auctions through its marts at Skipton, Masham and Sedbergh offers excellent facilities for selling your prime and store stock to best advantage. Whether you are selling dairy, suckler, pedigree, store cattle or calves; pedigree, store or breeding sheep; breeding rams; sheepdogs; waterfowl or poultry; we can help you achieve the best results for your stock.

texel.jpgCCM Skipton’s modern livestock centre opened in 1990 and has built up an enviable reputation for sales of store and breeding stock. A considerable amount of stock is consigned straight off the hill from the ‘Less Favoured Area of the Mid Pennines’ and renowned for improvement.
Regular weekly sales at CCM Skipton:

MondayFarmers’ Calves
Prime Cattle
Prime Sheep
Dairy Cattle
Ewes & Lambs
TuesdaySeasonal Breeding Sheep
Seasonal Gimmer Lambs
WednesdayStore Cattle (Fortnightly)
Young Feeding Bulls (Fortnightly)
Suckler Breeding Cattle (Fortnightly)
Store Lambs (Fortnightly)
SaturdayPrime Cattle and Cattle for further finishing
Prime Sheep
Stirks & Store Sheep (Fortnightly)

Masham MGL.jpgOther special sales include Working Sheep Dogs and Poultry & Waterfowl. Farm stock sales are conducted throughout the year, with sales either held on farm or, where more convenient, removed to CCM Skipton where all our facilities are available.

Breed Society and Regional Club Shows and Sales include the Suffolk, Beltex, Mule, Texel, Charollais, Wensleydale, Dalesbred, Masham, Swaledale and Lleyn Sheep Societies, together with the Aberdeen Angus, Limousin and Charolais Clubs.

mgl main ring.jpgCCM Masham operates primarily as a collection centre offering the convenience of live weight selling and pre determined price with additional sales of store and suckler breeding cattle, store and breeding sheep and Masham Gimmer Lambs.
Masham Sales are held on a regular basis:

TuesdayPrime Sheep (Weekly)
Store Cattle (Monthly)
Seasonal Store Sheep
Seasonal Breeding Sheep
Annual Masham Gimmer Lamb Sales for the Masham Sheep Breeders’ Association
Seasonal Ewes, Hoggs & Lambs
FridayPrime Cattle (Weekly)

CCM Sedbergh also operates as a collection centre, with twice weekly collections of Prime Sheep on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Regular seasonal sales of Store Cattle and Store and Breeding Sheep take place.