IACS Forms

For help with completing IACS forms contact our office at CCM Skipton. As ever the accurate completion of IACS returns will form the basis for receiving all relevant subsidies.

Leasing of Forage Area for IACS Purposes

Do you struggle to receive subsidy or Extensification Payments on all your cattle?
Do you farm land, but don’t need to complete IACS forms?

If either of the above apply to you, we can help you maximise your income from your farm.

It is possible, and quite legal, to lease out forage area for IACS purposes from one producer to another subject to certain conditions without any change in actual occupation of the land. We offer both LFA and Lowland for lease, and have clients for more land if yours is available. This will not prejudice your entitlement to payment rights under the proposed reform, according to latest proposals.