Sales of 4×4 vehicles take place at CCM Skipton on the second and fourth Tuesday in every month at 6.30pm.

To enter a vehicle into a sale, the seller must complete and sign an entry form. This is the auctioneer’s authority to offer the vehicle for sale. CCM 4×4 offer free and impartial advice on reserve prices to assist you. You will need to provide all the vehicle documentation when the vehicle arrives at the auction mart, preferably the day before the sale it is entered for. Collection, delivery, valeting & finance can be arranged, all at competitive rates. Please contact us for more information on auctions and commission rates.

To buy a vehicle you will need to pay a deposit of £200 or 10% of the price of the vehicle, whichever is the greater. The balance is due within 48 hours of the sale by cash, bankers draft or debit/credit card. If your bid is the highest bid received but is below the reserve price, the auctioneer may ‘provisionally’ sell the vehicle. This is subject to the seller accepting the highest bid. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us by email, phone or fax for more information, or complete the enquiry form online. Terms and Conditions of Sale are freely available.